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Cabo San Lucas Weather

Cabo San Lucas weather during the summer months will be extremely hot; cooler near the coasts. The winter months are generally cooler and we suggest taking something warmer to wear (especially in the evenings) while you're there. The Cabo San Lucas rainy season is in September, otherwise this part of Mexico enjoys sunshine most days of the year.

Cabo San Lucas weather

There are about 300 sunny weather days a year in Cabo San Lucas!

Weather in Cabo San Lucas

August and September are the hottest months, but the heat is dry and there are ocean breezes year round.

Evenings between October and April in Cabo San Lucas can be cool enough for a light sweater or jacket. From August to October the weather in Cabo San Lucas has one or two day tropical storms, know as "chubascos", can put a damper on fishing trips.

Cabo San Lucas has not too much fluctuation in the weather because the average temperature is between 70 to 80°F and there is a constant cooling breeze.

The Cabo San Lucas rainy season covers most of July and through September. Rain in Cabo San Lucas lasts a short time and just enhance the colors of the hills.

The average water temperature in the Capes is 74°F.

Weather in Cabo San Lucas is generally fantastic so the odds are you'll have warm sunny weather for your vacation in Cabo San Lucas Mexico!

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Cabo San Lucas Weather