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Cabo San Lucas Beaches

The main strip of beaches in Cabo San Lucas is called Medano Beach. You can rent snorkelling equipment and non-motorized water equipment straight from the beach. This is a good place to sunbathe and swim from as well.

Cabo San Lucas has more remote beaches located along the shoreline between "the two cabos" (Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo). These include the Barco Varado, Chileno, Palmilla, Santa Maria and Vista del Arco Beaches. These Cabo San Lucas beaches are more remote so if you want more privacy and less crowds then these are right for you. Beaches in Cabo are some of the nicest beaches in Mexico.


The pride of Cabo San Lucas Beaches is Playa Del Amor (Lover's Beach). Playa Del Amor is one of the most spectacular and rarest beaches in the world; there is an ocean on either side! On one side you will find the Sea of Cortez, and on the other, the Pacific Ocean! Playa Del Amor is one of the beaches in Cabo San Lucas you MUST visit. To get here you will need to take a water taxi from the Cabo San Lucas Marina or Medano Beach. The water taxi or glass bottom boat tour will usually consist of an informative tour of the awesome snorkeling or diving areas around the arch (El Arco), point out Playa Del Amor, then go around the popular point for a wonderful view of the dramatic area of Cabo San Lucas Beaches where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. You should bring along a pack a lunch and beverages; you'll want to spend the better part of the day enjoying Playa Del Amor in Cabo San Lucas and the striking wind and water shaped rock formations. The water taxis and glass bottom boats come back for you at least every hour until like 6pm so you'll always have a ride back for the same price of around $8-$10 US. Don't worry you won't get stranded out on Cabo San Lucas Beaches!

Careful on the Pacific side of Cabo San Lucas Beaches; the water is not forgiving at all; don't go near the water; too much undertow. Swim and snorkel only on the Sea of Cortez side of Playa Del Amor.


Cabo San Lucas Beaches